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assistant professor of business economics & public policy


Contact Information

Office: SHDH 1407

215.746.3134 (office)
215.898.7635 (fax)


Ph.D., Economics, Northwestern University, 2013
M.A., Economics, Northwestern University, 2009
M.Sc., Math Econ and Econometrics, Toulouse School of Economics, 2007
B.SocSci., Economics, National University of Singapore, 2006

Fields of Specialization
Industrial Organization, Regulation, Environmental Economics

Curriculum Vitae

Website last updated: October 2017

Published Papers

Exclusive Dealing with Imperfect Downstream Competition (with J. Wright)
-International Journal of Industrial Organization (2008) 26 (1), 227-246
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How Should the Graduate Economics Core be Changed? (with K. Borovickova, H. Golden, et al)
-Journal of Economic Education (2011) 42 (4), 416-419
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Corporate Reputational Dynamics and Activist Pressure (with D. Besanko and D. Diermeier)
-Advances in Strategic Management Vol 34 (2016)
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Working papers

Agency Costs and Environmental Regulation: Evidence from Electric Utilities under Rate of Return Regulation
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The Effect of Product Misperception on Economic Outcomes: Evidence from the Extended Warranty Market (with Y. Salant)
-R&R at Review of Economic Studies
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Separate Markets for Externalities: Regional versus State-by-State Implementation of a Global Pollutant (with C. R. Knittel, K. Metaxoglou and A. Trindade)
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Empirical Framework for Repeated Games (with J. Granja and A. Szydlowski)
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Ex-post Evaluation of Ex-ante Policies: An Application to Pollution Regulation
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Private Politics and Public Interest: NGOs, Corporate Campaigns, and Social Welfare (with D. Besanko and D. Diermeier)
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A Note on Weak Identification in the Berry, Levinsohn and Pakes (1995) Model
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Sunk Costs and Regulatory Environment in Southern Antebellum Banking.

Other work

Dynamics of Corporate Campaigns (with D. Besanko and D. Diermeier)
-Book under contract with Oxford University Press.