Working Papers

Strategy-proofness in the Large
with Eric Budish
Revise and resubmit, Review of Economic Studies.
  [Appendix]   [Supplementary Material]

Existence of Equilibrium in Large Matching Markets with Complementarities
with John William Hatfield
Revise and resubmit, Econometrica.


Perfect Competition in Markets with Adverse Selection
with Daniel Gottlieb
Econometrica, Forthcoming.
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A Supply and Demand Framework for Two-Sided Matching Markets
with Jacob Leshno
Journal of Political Economy, 124 (5) 1235-1268, 2016.
Extended abtract in EC11.

Evolutionary Origins of the Endowment Effect - Evidence from Hunter-Gatherers
with Coren Apicella, Nicholas Christakis, and James Fowler
American Economic Review, 104 (6) 1793-1805, 2014.
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Imperfect Competition in Two-Sided Matching Markets
Games and Economic Behavior, 83, 207-223, 2014.

Walrasian Equilibrium in Large, Quasi-Linear Markets
with Alex White and Glen Weyl
Theoretical Economics 8 (2), 281-290, 2013.

Hierarchical Cheap Talk
with Attila Ambrus and Yuichiro Kamada
Theoretical Economics 8 (1), 233-261, 2013.

Legislative Committees as Information Intermediaries
with Attila Ambrus, Yuichiro Kamada and Yuki Takagi
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 94, 103-115, 2013.

Risk-Neutral Firms Can Extract Unbounded Profits from Consumers with Prospect Theory Preferences
with Daniel Gottlieb
Journal of Economic Theory 147 (3), 1291-1299, 2012.

Other Writing

Matching Markets in the Digital Age
with Glen Weyl
Science 352 (6289), 1056-1057, 2016

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