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Hi, come on in. By accident or design, you've found your way to my Web Office. I'm a professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where I do research and teach in the Business Economics and Public Policy Department.

Think of this Web site as dropping into your college prof's office to talk about the great issues of the day, what courses are offered next semester, and what interesting problems he/she is working on. Of course, Web sites being what they are, this is going to be a one-way conversation (is this a professor's dream, or what?). Check out my Research page to find out what secrets of the universe I've discovered lately, and my Talks page to find out what I'm saying about it. If you are taking one of my courses, or just thinking about it, take a look at my Teaching page, which includes links to my courses' homepages. Also, some links for those interested in telecommunications, the Internet, regulation, and banking. For the latest stuff, check out the

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