Selected Working Papers


"Land Misallocation, Property Rights and Agricultural Efficiency in China" (with A.V. Chari, Elaine Liu and Yongxiang Wang)


"Access to Migration for Rural Households" (with Cynthia Kinnan and Yongxiang Wang) , revise and resubmit at American Economic Journal: Applied Economics




"Asymmetric Information and Remittances: Evidence from Matched Administrative Data, (with Thomas Joseph and Yaw Nyarko), accepted at American Economic Journal: Applied Economics


"Dishonesty and Selection into Public Service: Evidence from India," (with Rema Hanna)

Accepted at American Economic Journal: Economic Policy


"Monopsony Power in Migrant Labor Markets: Evidence from the United Arab Emirates, (with Suresh Naidu and Yaw Nyarko) Journal of Political Economy (2016), Vol. 124(6).


Engendered Access or Engendered Care? Evidence from a Major Indian Hospital, Economic and Political Weekly (2014), Vol. 49(25). With Debraj Ray and Rajshri Jayaraman


"Statistical Discrimination, Productivity and the Height of Immigrants," Industrial and Labor Relations Review (2015), Vol. 68(3), 529-557.

Online Appendix


"Property Rights and Intra-Household Bargaining," Journal of Development Economics (2014), Vol. 107, 192-201.


 "Marriage Networks, Nepotism and Labor Market Outcomes in China," American Economic Journal: Applied Economics (2013), Vol. 5(3), 91-112.


"Credit Constraints, Job Mobility and Entrepreneurship: Evidence from a Property Reform in China," Review of Economics and Statistics (2012), Vol. 94(2), 523-551.


"State Misallocation and Housing Prices: Theory and Evidence from China," American Economic Review (2011), Vol. 101(5), 2081-2107.


"High Frequency Response of Exchange Rates and Interest Rates to Macroeconomic Announcements," Journal of Monetary Economics (2007), Vol 54(4): 1051-1068. (with Jon Faust, John Rogers and Jonathan Wright)


"IT Investment and Hicks Composite-Good Theorem: The U.S. Experience," Journal of Economic and Social Measurement (2006), Vol. 31(1), 33-46. (with Jaime Marquez)


"Revisiting the Border: An Assessment of the Law of One Price Using Very Disaggregated Consumer Price Data," Exchange Rates, Capital Flows and Policy. Editors Rebecca Driver, Peter Sinclair and Christoph Thoenissen. London: Routledge (2005): 187-203. (with Charles Engel and John Rogers)









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